Executive Officers

Ravi Ramkissoonsingh
Liberal Studies, WC S105, ext 7744
Union Office B01B (Black Walnut Building), ext 7506
email Ravi

Amy Proulx—Workload Monitoring Group
Food & Wine, NL HT035, ext 4647
email Amy

Chief Steward
Terry Poirier—Workload Monitoring Group Co-Chair
Benefits, Long- and Short-Term Disability Specialist
Community Studies, WC M103, ext 7709
email Terry

Kim Chapman
Community Studies, WC S111, ext 7721
email Kim

Corresponding Secretary
Rayna Laughlin
Counsellor, WC AH125, ext 7785
email Rayna


Carolyn Ambrose—Workload Monitoring Group
English Language Studies, WC S100, ext 7693
email Carolyn

Anthony Brailey (Partial Load)
Business & Mgmt, NL W311, ext 7506
email Anthony

Kristen Buscaglia—Health and Safety
Liberal Studies, WC S105, ext 7862
email Kristen

Mark Grabner
Nursing/PSW, WC AH242, ext 7369
email Mark

Tim Kaposy—On Parental Leave
Academic Studies, NL W307, ext 4195
email Tim

Alex MacGregor
English Language Studies, WC S100, ext 7098
email Alex

Robert Madronic
Business & Mgmt, NL 311, ext 4037
email Robert

Greg Smith—Workload Monitoring Group
Media Studies, WC S331, ext 7611
email Greg

Martin Devitt—Past President
Liberal Studies, NL W307, ext 4019
email Martin

Laura Bruni—Secretary
WC B01, ext 7506
email Laura