Executive Officers

Martin Devitt
Liberal Arts, NL W307, ext 4019 (NL)
WC B01B, ext 7506 (WC)
email Martin

Ravi Ramkissoonsingh—Workload Monitoring Group
Liberal Studies, WC S105, ext 7744
email Ravi

Chief Steward
Terry Poirier—Workload Monitoring Group Co-Chair
Benefits, Long- and Short-Term Disability Specialist
Community Studies, WC M103, ext 7709
email Terry

Corresponding Secretary / Treasurer
Shannon MacRae—Health and Safety
Academic Studies, WC ME206, ext 7759
email Shannon


Kristen Buscaglia—Health and Safety
Liberal Studies, WC S105, ext 7862
email Kristen

Cosimo Girolamo
Business, NL W311, ext 4128
email Cosmo

Lois Johnson—Workload Monitoring Group
Technology, WC TC35, ext 7887
email Lois

Amy Proulx—Health and Safety
Food & Wine, NL HT035, ext 4647
email Amy

Greg Smith—Communications
Media Studies, WC S331, ext 7611
email Greg

Dave Thomson—Health and Safety Co-Chair
Business, NL W311, ext 4129
email Dave

Laura Bruni—Secretary
WC B01, ext 7506
email Laura