In/SOL is Local 242’s award-winning newsletter. We seek to identify and clarify issues that are confronting members in their day-to-day jobs. Issues have looked at Niagara’s controversial campus in Saudi Arabia, the plight of precarious partial-load faculty, and the issues surrounding the Fall 2017 strike.
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Volume 1, Issue 1—in/SOL vol1 iss1
Volume 1, Issue 2—in/SOL vol1 iss2
Volume 1, Issue 3—in/SOL vol1 iss3
Volume 2, Issue 2—in/SOL vol2 iss2
Volume 3, Issue 1—InSOL-vol3 iss1

Partial Load Edition (Spring/Summer 2018)—In/SOL partial load

Strike Issues
Number 1—in/SOL strike edition #1
Number 2—in/SOL strike edition #2
Number 3—in/SOL strike edition #3
Number 4—in/SOL strike edition #4