COVID-19 Update #2: Remote Work Begins Tomorrow

Sunday 15 March 2020 Colleagues, Yesterday, I voiced concerns to Senior Vice-President, Corporate Services, Pam Skinner and Human Resources Director Nicole Perreault about faculty having to be physically present at the College for meetings on Monday, given the valid health concerns that some members had raised. I spoke to President Sean Kennedy this afternoon who … Continue reading COVID-19 Update #2: Remote Work Begins Tomorrow

COVID-19 Update

Colleagues, I am writing to update you on events concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on Niagara College’s operations; unfortunately, I do not have much additional information beyond what College President Sean Kennedy put out in his 11 March email. Here is a timeline of events to this point: January–February 2020—Faculty and Support Staff … Continue reading COVID-19 Update

Staffing Updates

Colleagues, On 5 March 5 2019, VPALS Steve Hudson wrote an email to full-time faculty indicating that the College “has approved the creation of 28 new full-time faculty complements, to support the enrolment growth that has occurred. When combined with vacant complements and retirements, the College is planning on hiring approximately 50 new faculty in … Continue reading Staffing Updates