I am writing in regards to President Sean Kennedy’s latest email which was sent on the College email system at 9:10pm. His email is the first that Local 242 has heard of the College’s plans for the delay to the start of the Spring/Summer Term. There have been no discussions between management and the Faculty Union regarding those plans. Niagara College is the first college in the system to announce any plans regarding the Spring/Summer Term.

I know that many full-time members are concerned about their much-needed and well-deserved vacation time during the spring and summer. This vacation time is protected under Article 15 of the Collective Agreement and, as such, there should be no change to your scheduled vacations.

Further, our partial-load members will be greatly affected by this delay to the start of the term, including having to wait an increased amount of time for their first pay cheque.  We are unsure what other implications this will have for partial-load members, but we’ll be sure to communicate with you once more information is provided.

Obviously, the College will have to communicate their plans in more detail regarding the Spring/Summer Term. We hope that they will engage in discussions about such plans with the Union so that we can work collaboratively through these challenging times.

In solidarity,
Ravi Ramkissoonsingh
President, OPSEU Local 242

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