Monday 16 March 2020


I hope that you are doing well during this stressful and challenging time.

The only new information that was learned from the meeting today with Pam Skinner and Nicole Perreault is that which you are likely aware of by now—there will be divisional/departmental meetings held remotely on Tuesday to discuss semester completion plans.

Otherwise, Bob Holder and I expressed any concerns that we had, and we were told they would be relayed to the senior executive team. A key concern that we both expressed was the necessity to have timelines provided to employees; for faculty members, this is necessary to know how to proceed through the remainder of the term. As a result, Associate Vice-President, Academic and Learner Services, Fiona Allan sent out a document late today which does incorporate timelines. It seems likely that we will all be working remotely for the remainder of the Winter Term at least.

There has been a blog post, with a provocative title, circulating widely on social media that offers much sage advice to faculty trying to convert course content online in the situation that we now face. Some of the points that Fiona includes in her communication are consistent with what is in this article. It is located here.

Keep in mind that both faculty and students are going through a very stressful time presently and only so much is possible. Only focus on what is possible, and ask your Associate Dean for any support materials that you require.

As further information becomes available to Local 242, it will be shared with you. Finally, if you need to contact the Faculty Union, please email us (

In solidarity,
Ravi Ramkissoonsingh
President, OPSEU Local 242

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